Off To Birmingham

Flyers printed. Hat packed. Banner in the bag. Off we go!

The UK Games Expo starts tomorrow in Birmingham, and Cubicle 7 will be there all weekend.  Steve Ironside is running three Dark Harvest: LoF games during the weekend, and Iain Lowson, Andrew Harman and Robert Coles will be around on Saturday (Iain on the C7 stand, the others playing games and occasionally passing the C7 stand for a natter).  There’s a free prize draw to enter on the Saturday (see the Competitions section for details).  Also, to accommodate any new players we pick up over the weekend, the Design A Character Competition closing deadline has been extended to the 4th of July.  Apparently, our American readers are so excited by this that they are planning nationwide celebrations.  What lovely people they are.

See you in Birmingham!

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