Steve Ironside

RPG Chapter

Steve Ironside accidentally fell into roleplaying 23 years ago, and he hasn’t been able to kick the habit since. To try and prove to himself that it’s all too much hard work, over the years he has organised massive live-action games, run conventions clubs and societies, helped playtest numerous games, and has found time to evangelise the hobby to concerned parent, intrigued teenager and corporate director alike. Nothing has yet worked.

Introduced to the world of Promethea whilst running a convention, he instantly fell in love with the place and pledged to help where he could, putting aside his secret identity as an IT administrator and programmer (where he organises testing, proposes and invents solutions to novel problems, and critiques documentation). As a result, he has been involved in playtesting, making general suggestions and helping mould the rules chapter, thereby avoiding the use of any of his professional skills. Having now been bitten by the writing bug, Steve intends to have one last go at proving that it’s all too much by writing his own game, set in the dark urban fantasy genre. It might end up being quite good – if dark and gritty is your thing (and if you’re reading this, it’s a good bet) you can keep up with its progress at

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