We’re going to be adding downloads to this page that will add even more sinister, twisted enjoyment to your exploration of Promethea.

First up are the two Map Packs of Promethea. Right click here (save as…, etc) to download the PDF of part one, and here for part two.  These are brand new as of the 1st of July.  (Please note, the map download is for personal use only.  It may not be printed and sold on for your personal financial gain.  We know YOU wouldn’t but, hey, there are some real cretins out there.  You know how it is.)

Secondly, here’s the PDF of the Character Sheets, to save you bending your book into weird shapes to get it to fit on the scanner.  Again, personal use only please.  Don’t make us pout.  You wouldn’t like us when we’re pouting.

For our third download, Steve Ironside has prepared a digest of the most significant question and answer sessions we’ve had about the rules since the game launched. This will be updated periodically. Here is the current DHLoF-Questions. (Uploaded 29th July, 2012)

The fourth download also comes from Steve Ironside. We’ve had a few requests for a quickplay guide for folks who want to have a quick look at a stripped down version of the system, or for folks running a convention game. Well, here is the DHLoF-Quickplay as a downloadable PDF. It’s like Christmas in July!! (First uploaded 29th July, 2012)

Our fifth download comes courtesy of Pawel ‘Chimera’ Cybula, and is one for our Polish readers. Pawel has written up one of his own DH:LoF scenarios, presented here in PDF form. Here’s a little information about it:


Piękne bywalczynie salonów i nielegalne operacje chirurgiczne.

Zamachy bombowe i śledztwo DSF.

Walki, pościgi oraz niebezpieczne rozgrywki psychologiczne.

To wszystko czeka trójkę młodych bohaterów, która wybrała się w pozornie niewinną podróż do stolicy Prometei.

Witamy w Bukareszcie  – gdzie nikt nie jest do końca tym, za kogo się podaje…



Beautiful socialites and illegal surgeries.

Bomb attacks and a DSF investigation.

Fights, chases and dangerous mind games.

All these waiting for three young protagonists, who went on an apparently innocent trip to the capital of Promethea.

Welcome to Bucharest – where no one truly is who they claim to be. 

Our thanks to Pawel, and our condolences to any of you who can’t read Polish. 😉

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  1. Skaville' says:

    Lovely.. However, a set of the small province maps in the book would be even MORE useful for us GM-types.

  2. Pilgrim says:

    I’d also suggest regrouping the counties by region so its a little more logically and geographically organized.

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  4. Owl says:

    Since I am a Victoriana fan I decided to take a peek at this, so I have a question about the maps (and about the setting). I was told the game was set in 1910, but the map has all the post-cold war borders for Romania and its neighbours (No Austro-Hungary, a free Moldavia, a free Ukraine, a Yugoslavia which makes it very early post cold war).
    This confuses me, when is it set? How big are the differences from our world?

    • iain says:

      Wow, an actual comment and not spam!! That threw me completely…

      Right, to answer your question.

      The game is set in 1910, though the map does mention the post-cold war countries, etc. Part of it is my bad. I was using modern maps for reference as those were the most accurate I could find to work from and those were the ones I passed on to Robert. Being so caught up with organising the history and internal details of the country, I hadn’t remembered to sort the bordering countries as they existed at the time. My thanks for pointing out the omission. 🙂 I will have a chat to Robert and see what we can sort out. We’ll see how time goes. If you know of an online resource that I can point folks at, otherwise here’s one that I tracked down – . My only scant comfort is that using more modern countries might help the less geographically able to locate Romania on a map of the world… 😉

      While the borders of Romania are the modern ones (by and large) this is covered in the book – thanks to the intervention of Frankenstein’s Augmented troops in the grab for territory during the various Balkan conflicts, Romania carved out its borders as they appear on the map before the country became Promethea. Once that happened, Victor and his advisors set about modernising and reworking the internal borders to make governing the country a lot easier and more efficient. This was something that didn’t happen in Romania to this extent until the Communist era.

      As to whether the slight error in the maps will hamper the game in any way – Prometha has the advantage of being very inward-looking, save for the occasional influx of scientists, engineers and suchlike for the various conferences. Agents attempting infiltration come from various foreign powers, but those tend to be Germany, Russia, Britain and occasionally France. The US has tried to open discussions with the Resistance, but to no great effect. Anyway, the general result is that the countries on their borders are pretty much ignored anyway. Frankenstein hopes that the peoples there will benefit from the scientific discoveries and other advances he helps to foster, but he has no time for the ridiculous governments. Some of this historical reworking is covered in more detail in one of the extracts from the core book elsewhere on this site, filed in the Dark Texts section.

      Now, side note! As we have close ties to Victoriana, you’ll notice that we still use the Victorian economic values. This basically allows folks to use Victoriana supplements to buy their characters additional equipment. We’re currently working on a supplement due in April of next year that will, amongst many other things, provide a very full Edwardian equipment listing, with revised money rules.

      So, yes, hope that answers your question! Again, my thanks for the post, particularly as you didn’t try to sell me dodgy shoes, a Russian bride or a gnocchi recipe… 😉

  5. mortmere says:

    Another nit-picking comment on the map I’m afraid – you’ve put Slovenia where Slovakia should be, which is a common mistake anyway but is particularly awful when Slovakia shouldn’t even be there, since excepting some major shake-up in how 1848 and its aftermath play out in this timeline, Slovakia still counts as Upper Hungary anyway (and I should imagine the Hungarians as especially keen to keep hold of it once they have lost Transylvania).

    And in your timeline, I would have taken a few liberties with Promethea’s south-east border as well – down in Dobrudja, which changed hands between Romania and Bulgaria anyway in Our Time Line. I would give Promethea the rocky, dramatic coastline and grain-rich interior of pretty nearly all Dobrudja in some treaty or other, and I’d increase the number and variety of German settlers from OTL – maybe a research station or three?

    Declaration of interest here – I used to live in Slovenia for a while, nowadays I live in Romania, and I’m taking my summer holiday in Dobrudja this year!

    • iain says:

      I actively encourage folks to mess with anything they like when it comes to the version of the game they run for their players. I also have a fondness for nitpicking, so my thanks for your comments. Can’t beat local knowledge, so I’m very happy to welcome you to our little community. 🙂

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