Sara Dunkerton

Sara Dunkerton, a 23 year old farm girl from a tiny village inSomerset, found her calling as an illustrator and animator during College. She carried this realisation through to university where she graduated in 2010 at the University of the West of England,Bristol.

Out in the real world for the past year, she has worked on illustrating comics for Bayou Arcana, Dark Harvest: Resistance, Sugar Glider Stories 2 and Into the Woods: A Fairy Tale Anthology, and is loving every second!

Ever with another project eagerly lined up, she has hopes of being able to say goodbye to the boring day jobs and work full time on creative projects professionally.



Sara created much of the interior art for Resistance, the first full supplement for DH:LoF, as well as providing the B&W logo for Fires of Promethea. She continues to be invovled in various aspects of the DH:LoF line.

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