Welcome to Promethea

Welcome to an alternative history of Europe in 1910, where international politics and the creation of new nation states have been hijacked in the service of one man’s ambition.  You will see how nationalism, arrogance, greed, fear and ignorance were cunningly manipulated by one brilliant scientist to create a new, wonderful and terrible place – Promethea.

In what was, for a brief and glorious time, the united Romania, you will explore a land under the domination of a new, dark science that defies Nature itself.  The people of this land, who saw their dreams of a bright tomorrow snatched from them, groan under the yoke of a new feudal regime.  The rulers of this military state dwell in lodges and castles on great estates, their lives an eternity of debauched luxury.

An eternity?

Oh yes.  You see, Promethea is the creation of one man; one man who tore down the walls of death and cast out the Reaper.

Victor Frankenstein.

Welcome to his world.

Copyright Corlen Kruger 2010, all rights reserved

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