Sixth Review

The fantastic guys at Going Last, a gaming podcast, have reviewed DH:LoF.  They loved it, saying many nice things about pretty much every aspect of the game.  Head over there and download the podcast – Session 27, July 21st.  The review starts 1hr and 3mins in, but the whole podcast is well worth listening too – as are all the others.  Great fun, professional, and they hardly ever say “poo”.

Here are some quotes from the review:

“It’s great fluff.  It is amazing fluff.  I took great joy in reading those first 116 pages…”

“This is a very dark game.”

“I’d say 95% of the art in this book is amazing…  I would liken it to some of the White Wolf books I’ve had in the past… as far as the way the story is told and presented art-wise.”

“One thing I really liked is the Black Dice option.  Did you read that?”  “Ohhh!  The Black Dice option!  It’s genius.”

“I really liked the system.”

“It’s a dice pool system like Shadowrun…”

“I like how rules-lite and how simple this is…  It’s very much a storytelling game.  But there’s a lot of crunch.  Lovers of crunch?  I don’t think we would miss out…  There’s enough options to keep people who like crunch satiated while allowing storytelling people to really go hog-wild.”

“I’d be more tempted to play this, to run this, than to play a White Wolf game.” (He’s got a thing against WW, he admits – his razorblade stack isn’t high enough.)

“In a nutshell, the book is full of excellent fluff, great history lesson, you don’t really have to work hard to get the game running, and then the game runs very smoothly because it’s so rules-lite.”

“Even if you don’t play this system… it’s a great sourcebook.”

“This is worth checking out…  It further makes me feel that Cubicle 7 puts out really good quality games.”  “They really do.”


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  1. Ian says:

    Ahh, Iain makes us sound so much better than we really are.
    Thanks for coming on the show Mr. Lowson, it was a blast.


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