Walt Ciechanowski

RPG Chapter

Walt Ciechanowski has been a freelance writer in the RPG industry since he wrote his first article for Signs & Portents in 2004. Since then he’s authored and co-authored several products for various game systems, including Victoriana and Doctor Who for Cubicle 7, DC Adventures, Mutants & Masterminds, Dragon Age, and True 20 Freeport for Green Ronin, Witch Hunter for Paradigm Concepts, Inc., All for One for Triple Ace Games, and Thrilling Tales, The Imperial Age, MARS, ICONS, and several other products for Adamant Entertainment (all of these can be found in pdf form on RPGNow.com). Walt is also a co-author of the award-winning Gamemaster advice website Gnome Stew, and has co-authored Eureka with his fellow Gnomies.

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