Fourteenth Review

Our fourteenth review comes from Tim Franklin and is on the website Twisted Tales.

Twisted Tales is all about promoting the best in modern horror writing, regardless of the genre, so we’re honoured to have been included. Head over to read the full review, but here’s the conclusion:

“… the interpretation of Frankenstein in Dark Harvest is more Hammer Horror than Mary Shelley. You could make room for a melancholic meditation on the morality of creation, the insecurity of masculine science, the divinity of humankind, or the perpetual battle of nature versus nurture, but there is nothing inherent to this game that supports that kind of investigation or those themes of play. Dark Harvest is extroverted, concerned with outsides, matter not mind, flesh not spirit. Promethean by White Wolf went more deeply into the subjectivity of the monster, tasking players with wandering the earth in a quest to rise from monster to mortal. But there’s no need to make any thematic transplants. Slapping around the fake gore and greasepaint in Dark Harvest is chilling as it is.”

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