James King

Layout Designer

James King is a designer and photographer with a passion for adventure. Over the years he has travelled the world, from roughing it in the Borneo rainforest to exploring the ‘lost’ Incan city of Machu Picchu. He has flown over the Nazca Lines, gazed in awe at the Forbidden City, crossed the Great Wall of China, walked across fire and negotiated the notoriously perilous underground journey from Liverpool Street Station to Tottenham Court Road on the Central Line (at rush hour) more times than any man alive.

Life has led James in many directions and he has been lucky enough to set foot on Skywalker Ranch and visit that ‘Galaxy, far, far away…’ while working as Art Editor on The Official Star Wars Fact File. He has also travelled in time with Doctor Who – Battles in Time magazine. He is presently head first in the sewers of New York designing a highly successful Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle trading card magazine for the Russian markets.


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