Andrew Peregrine

RPG Chapter
Andrew got his first writing break working on the 7th Sea and the Buffy rpgs, mainly as he loved the games and kept sending work to AEG and Eden. Since then he has been incredibly lucky, having worked on the Serenity and Doctor Who rpgs and recently Leverage and Eclipse Phase among others. He is the lead writer for the second edition of Victoriana, although he keeps getting distracted by other Cubicle 7 projects he wants to work on. Andrew also writes games under his own label ‘Corone Design’, such as Hellcats and Hockeysticks and the slightly notorious ‘Pie Shop’. For a real job he works as a lighting technician at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in the West End of London. He lives in north London with his partner Claire, but owns no cats.
Corone Design:
Podcast interview for Cubicle 7 ‘The Peregrine’s Claw’:

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