Andrew Harman

Short fiction: Loreley and Magdja’s Runner; and Ministry of  Surgical Artistry letter, “Green Fingers?” boxout for Neamt County.

Andrew started writing because he had to. It’s just one of those things that happens to some people. An idea appears in your head, takes a liking to the place, moves furniture in and just will not go away until it is ripped out of there and slammed onto a page. The first idea that came to stay started as a short story and grew until it was a full novel size. That ended up being ‘The Sorcerer’s Appendix’. It was replaced by it’s cousin and several others which led to more comedy fantasies including ‘The Frogs of War’, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Gene’ and his head has been a nagging shelter for lost ideas ever since. Curiously lots of other people seemed to like the ideas and they ended up being published and read in quite a few countries. Now he’s developing his ideas into screenplays for movie and TV and working on an urban horror novel of a rather sinister nature.


Firkin series

* The Sorcerer’s Appendix (1993)

* The Frogs of War (1994)

* The Tome Tunnel (1994)

* Fahrenheit 666 (1995)

* One Hundred And One Damnations (1995)

Standalone novels

* The Scrying Game (1996)

* The Deity Dozen (1996)

* A Midsummer Night’s Gene (1997)

* It Came from On High (1998)

* The Suburban Salamander Incident (1999)

* Talonspotting (2000)

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