Tenth Review

Our tenth review comes from Chris Baylis from the Games Gazette.

The depth and bredth of Chris’ experience in the games industry – as a player, an observer, an event organiser, a designer and a writer – cannot be underestimated.  We’re all delighted he was so kind about the book, and encourage everyone with a love of the hobby to check out Games Gazette.

The review is presented here as a pdf, but here’s a couple of quick quotes:

“This is a game of thoughtful consideration where imagination and cooperation are the tools that both set and explore the adventure.  It is a work of art where coloured pages have been forgone to ensure no detail has been overlooked or omitted.”

“Dissecting DARK HARVEST is like the dissecting Frankenstein’s Legacy has left in Promethea; when you take away the good bits and all the other parts you want to use there is very little left over to be picky about.”

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