Tales of Promethea Interviews & Excerpts

A little while back, the Cubicle 7 website played host to four interviews with writers who had contributed stories to the anthology Tales of Promethea.

We are delighted to reprint those interviews here, and to include a little something extra. Each interview is accompanied by an excerpt from the story the individual being interviewed have in the anthology. Note that all the interviews were conducted in December 2012, a little before Christmas.

If you like what you see here, remember that there is a free download of one full story from the anthology elsewhere on the site, and the book is available from DriveThru Fiction. You’ll need to register with them (which is free) to view the listing and make a purchase. This is because the book is intended for older readers due to the marvellously grim and entertainingly bloody nature of some of the tales.

Interview with Matt Gibbs

Interview with Kate Harrad

Interview with Stuart Boon

Interview with Jan Pospisil


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