Kicking Off

If you follow our Facebook page, you will have noticed a recent post from Paco, or Art Director on the 2nd Edition. This post, in fact:

“Today I have been sending emails around to people. They are emails about Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein and the Kickstarter that we’re organising to fund the second edition of the game.

We have some *seriously amazing* plans to make an incredible game. Watch this space!

One of the things that I have to do as line developer and art director is to choose both writers and artists who will be able to work on the game and create, not just superbly written content, but also understand the atmosphere of the whole world and create material that will set the bar for products to come.

I can’t start to tell you how exciting that is and how damn lucky I am to be able to contact people I admire and trust as creatives to work with them. Or hope to work, since a lot of the work we do will depend on the amount of money we get.

The downside? There are *a lot* of people I think would be fantastic at writing adventures for the game, but since we have no idea how far we’ll get, I don’t want to say anything to everyone.

So please start saving money. I kid you not when I say we plan to make this game one you will have every reason to be as proud of as we do.”

There you have it. There will indeed be a Kickstarter for the 2nd Edition of DH:LoF that will be launching in the not-to-distant future. Paco, Angus, and myself have been planning away merrily. The rewards that will be on offer are the kinds of things that gamers love and, as DH:LoF has always tried to appeal to folks just looking for a good bit of gothic darkness, there are a bunch that have universal appeal.

Expect more news soon, m’dears. It’s all developing faster than a digital photo.

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All The News, All At Once!

Whole bunch of stuff to cover today, which is just how we like it. :)

Barring natural disasters of an unprecedented scale, I’m delighted to confirm that Frankenstein’s Bodies passed its Kick Starter target with 43 hours to go. We’ll be sharing more information on the progress of this amazing game as it happens. Meanwhile, maximum respect to Andrew and Jenny Harman for guiding this project thus far. Next stop Essen!!

Team announcements have been being made over on the Facebook page. Steve Ironside is back on rules duties for the 2nd Edition of DH:LoF, and Paco Jaen of GMS Magazine fame is taking the role of Art Director. Fantastic to be working with them both, and with the yet-to-be-announced team members.

Research continues apace. The baseline setting text is complete, and is now being expanded upon. Part of that has been digging out really old books, and sourcing really old maps. Things like the one below – a map of the Balkans after the Treaty of Berlin in 1878. Looking forward to packing in a bunch more info to make the setting even more detailed before its release in 2015.


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2nd Time Around

With things stepping up a gear, with the team coming together and solid work already being done on the system for the 2nd edition, I’ve been picking up some new reference texts. Took a trip today to Barter Books in Alnwick, and picked up three new titles. One from the 1960’s, one from the 1920’s, and a last from 1865. All three add delicious new details, and the two older books give us some gorgeous illustrations that capture Romania’s people and places perfectly. I’m looking forward to sharing them.image

I know the things things I want to see added to in the 2nd edition, and that goes for the rest of the tea too, but all of us also want to know what our Prometheans would like to see. We’ve opened the chat on the Facebook group, so you can add your thoughts there or put them in the comments here. Looking forward to hearing from you. :)

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DH:LoF card game Frankenstein’s Bodies launches on Kickstarter!

AT Conpulsion 2014 in Edinburgh this past weekend, the DH:LoF-related tabletop card game Frankenstein’s Bodies launched its Kickstarter campaign.

More lighthearted than the RPG, Frankenstein’s Bodies sees players become Promethean surgeons and compete to build two perfect creatures in an effort to impress no less than Frankenstein himself. It’s a fast-moving, regularly boisterous game that will have you stealing or infecting body parts, nicking surgeons, and yelling at your friends when they do the same to you just as you’re about to win.


A digest of the reviews the game has already had.

The game has already been playtested to within an inch of its life hundreds of times, including by luminaries such as Ian Livingstone, and can even be downloaded in rough print-and-play PDF form now. It has had excellent reviews in its preview stage, and is currently ‘on tour’ with designer Andrew Harman to a number of events during the Kickstarter campaign, culminating in the glorious insanity of the Birmingham UK Games Expo.

At time of writing, the game is already 1/6th funded after only a very short time. The game will ship worldwide once the campaign is successful, and already has backers from as far afield as Rio, various places around the US, Europe, and New Zealand.

I hope you’ll take the time to give it your support. :)


The Frankenstein’s Bodies website and Facebook page.

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Dark Harvest gets a new publisher!

I can keep quiet no longer!

Well, more accurately, I can actually talk about this now in some confidence. Barring the accidental release of attack cyber-chickens from the secret laboratory they are being developed somewhere in Devon, Dark Harvest: The Legacy of Frankenstein the RPG has a new home.

Angus Abranson brought DH:LoF to Cubicle 7, and now he has offered it a new home at Chronicle City. The current plan is to have a 2nd Edition of the RPG by this time next year, and work has already begun on it.

Many thanks, as ever, for all your support and patience. I’m very excited to be able to move forward again after having been in a holding pattern for the past year. Many thanks to everyone at Cubicle 7 for all of their help and support in getting DH:LoF off the ground. Huge respect and thanks to Angus for his passion, support and expertise – past, present, and future.


Additional: 6th of May

The official announcement has now been made on Chronicle City’s website.

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Announcement #2

Thanks to the help of Scott and Matt at, we have another bit of news for you.

As of now, the PDF version of the 1st edition core book for Dark Harvest: The Legacy of Frankenstein is available to download for free. This is not a limited time thing. It is available now for you. Now. This very second.

Resistance and Tales of Promethea will remain at their normal prices. Tales of Promethea can also be found on and


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Announcement #1

Right, announcement time! At last…

The keen-eyed (and slightly obsessive) amongst you may have noted that, over on DriveThru RPG, Dark Harvest: The Legacy of Frankenstein is no longer listed as part of the Cubicle 7 stable of games. This is indeed a thing.

Cubicle 7 have been a massive part of the early success of Promethea. All of us involved with DH:LoF will always be grateful for the support that Dom, John, and everyone there gave us, and indeed continue to do so. C7 needs to concentrate on its own games, and rightly so, so is winding down the print partnership arrangements. We have been released into the wild, and on to new opportunities.

This is a terribly exciting time! There’s so much I’d like to talk about, but can’t yet. I’ve another two announcements to make in the next little while, so do watch this space. Also, keep an eye on the Frankenstein’s Bodies Facebook page, as there are Big Things afoot there in the coming months.

In the meantime, my thanks to Scott Holden and Matt McElroy over at DriveThru for making the transition such an easy one from their side. Top blokes!!

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The Haunted Eyeball turns its gaze on Tales of Promethea

The gorgeous folks over at Haunted Eyeball have reviewed Tales of Promethea. Do pop over and have a look.

Cheers guys! :)

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Anthology now on Kindle store!

Thanks to Tim and Salome at Ghostwoods, the DH:LoF Anthology is now available on Kindle stores both in the UK and the US. Follow the link to find the details.

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New Character to Play With

Over on Eric Franklin’s site Talking Game, there’s a chance to meet a new character to perhaps introduce to your own campaign.

Eric’s wife, Stephanie, is a huge fan of all things Frankenstein. This drew her to DH:LoF, and to writing one of her semi regular Character Generation Project entries. The results are on the blog for all to see and to borrow.

We’re hoping to convince Stephanie to write more of her thoughts on Promethea but, in the meantime, do visit Talking Game and have a poke around.

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