DH:LoF card game Frankenstein’s Bodies launches on Kickstarter!

AT Conpulsion 2014 in Edinburgh this past weekend, the DH:LoF-related tabletop card game Frankenstein’s Bodies launched its Kickstarter campaign.

More lighthearted than the RPG, Frankenstein’s Bodies sees players become Promethean surgeons and compete to build two perfect creatures in an effort to impress no less than Frankenstein himself. It’s a fast-moving, regularly boisterous game that will have you stealing or infecting body parts, nicking surgeons, and yelling at your friends when they do the same to you just as you’re about to win.


A digest of the reviews the game has already had.

The game has already been playtested to within an inch of its life hundreds of times, including by luminaries such as Ian Livingstone, and can even be downloaded in rough print-and-play PDF form now. It has had excellent reviews in its preview stage, and is currently ‘on tour’ with designer Andrew Harman to a number of events during the Kickstarter campaign, culminating in the glorious insanity of the Birmingham UK Games Expo.

At time of writing, the game is already 1/6th funded after only a very short time. The game will ship worldwide once the campaign is successful, and already has backers from as far afield as Rio, various places around the US, Europe, and New Zealand.

I hope you’ll take the time to give it your support. 🙂


The Frankenstein’s Bodies website and Facebook page.

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