Dark Harvest gets a new publisher!

I can keep quiet no longer!

Well, more accurately, I can actually talk about this now in some confidence. Barring the accidental release of attack cyber-chickens from the secret laboratory they are being developed somewhere in Devon, Dark Harvest: The Legacy of Frankenstein the RPG has a new home.

Angus Abranson brought DH:LoF to Cubicle 7, and now he has offered it a new home at Chronicle City. The current plan is to have a 2nd Edition of the RPG by this time next year, and work has already begun on it.

Many thanks, as ever, for all your support and patience. I’m very excited to be able to move forward again after having been in a holding pattern for the past year. Many thanks to everyone at Cubicle 7 for all of their help and support in getting DH:LoF off the ground. Huge respect and thanks to Angus for his passion, support and expertise – past, present, and future.


Additional: 6th of May

The official announcement has now been made on Chronicle City’s website.

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