Colin Chapman

Colin Chapman is a veteran RPG game designer and freelancer having been involved in over forty rpg publications. Most recently he set up Radioactive Ape Designs (, and published his own rpg,Atomic   Highway, which was nominated for a Best Rules ENnie award and Indie RPG award in 2010. In his real life he is a primary school teacher, father, and amateur history, military history, and natural history enthusiast.

Colin created the new money rules and the exhaustive weapons and equipment lists for Resistance, the first supplement for DH:LoF.

6 Responses to Colin Chapman

  1. Fergus Forrest says:

    Mr chapman is my teacher and he is the best teacher I know

  2. hannah ridgway says:

    he is my teacher this year and he is also the best teacher I have ever had. He is amazing at art and drawing and is incredibly funny. his games must be fabulous and his books must be awesome too. I have just moved school and I got him for my first teacher I never regret moving one bit.

  3. hannah ridgway says:

    he is awesome

  4. he is the best teacher ever i miss him so much

  5. Concerned fan! says:

    Tell Mr. Colin Chapman that someone stole his website

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