Robert D.M. Coles

Maps: Inside front & back cover, pages 48 & 49, all small county maps on pages 50 to 78
Robert DM Coles is an avid roleplayer and professional Artworker. Often tied to a computer of some description Robert’s daytime duties involve making things look pretty, aligning and sorting the chaotic and generally making complex information and graphics presentable and visually stimulating. This task often means hiding away in an office clutching only seconds of daylight and thoroughly enjoying tweaking tables, photo-retouching images of inanimate objects and organising the layout of a variety of documents within the commercial business sector.
When the opportunity arose to become a part of the project, Robert couldn’t resist. So, in between his daytime activities and the occasional romp around a game (of various descriptions) Robert found a new obsession –the Promethea map.
In his sparse spare time Robert enjoys shooting archery, recently venturing into the realm of the English Warbow (, playing the bodhran at local music sessions, using his dog Isaac as a summon-able pillow given the opportunity, and of course gaming. Robert also enjoys building with Lego (especially on the lounge floor at Christmas).
Should Robert ever surface from his hermit-like existence, his interests may drift toward showing off his ware’s on a website of his own. Until then, heremains the clandestine artworker of Promethea…

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