Tales of Promethea – Interviews, Excerpts, and a Download!

The interviews that various contributors to Tales of Promethea were kind enough to do a little while before Christmas of last year are now available on this site.

Wait! There’s more!

You’ll find a bunch more goodies have been added to the Interviews section of the site. We’ve included an exclusive excerpt from the ToP work of the writers who were interviewed; that’s Matt Gibbs, Kate Harrad, and Stuart Boon. In the interview with Jan Pospisil, you’ll see the initial sketch and finished image for the cover.

Wait! There’s even more!

In the Dark Texts section of the site, you’ll find a download of one of the stories from the anthology – Way Out. That’s right; a complete tale from the book in PDF form.

Happy… ummm… February? Yeah, we’ll call it a late Valentine’s prezzie. 🙂

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