UK Games Expo 2011 – DH News!

Places in Steve Ironside’s games of DH are now available to book!

Just click here to go to the UK Games Expo website event booking section.  You’re looking for the listings for “Roll up! Roll up!”on Friday the 3rd at 8pm, Saturday the 4th at 3pm and Sunday the 5th at 10am.

To add to the Dark Harvest presence at the event, writer Andrew Harman will also be around on Saturday the 4th of June.  He’s there to play games (specifically Living Munchkin) but will be around from time to time at the Cubicle 7 stall (ground floor, red zone, stalls 18 & 19).

Remember, there will also be a free prize draw thing at the C7 stand on the Saturday only to win a copy of the DH core book signed by many of those who worked on it.

See you there!

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  1. I’m really looking forward to this – if you want to guarantee a ticket for one of the game sessions then you’ll need to move fast, as the booking system is shut down tomorrow night at midnight! After that, you’ll only be able to buy tickets on the day.

    Remember that you’ll need a valid entrance ticket as well as a ticket for the game in order to be able to play.

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