Occasionally, while researching various bits and pieces, we come across a resource we just have to share.

This is an amazing online collection of old postcards of Romania.  Many of the places, the towns and villages, are lost now, demolished to make way for featureless concrete abominations during the rule of Ceauşescu.  We hope these pictures will help you add some more detail to your campaigns.

The oil industry in Promethea is one of the most important in the country.  This online blog shows how the real world Romanian industry developed, and has some great images from the early 20th Century.  The history is sure to spark ideas for campaign details.

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  1. mortmere says:

    hmmm… would you want some write-ups of great Romanians of the period? I’m not a historian but I am married to one, I live out here in Romania (although British) and I read the language fairly well. I’d love the chance to sketch out a few famous faces of the time, their achievements in real Romanian history and the potential for plot-hooks in Promethean history!

    • iain says:

      I’d be delighted if you would do that, and I’m sure other players would welcome the information. I’ll contact you directly by e-mail and we can chat about how best to present your work. As I said elsewhere, you can’t beat local knowledge! 🙂

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