The Future!

We have hinted here and there that there are plans in place to add to the Dark Harvest product line.  Well, here’s the first solid evidence of some of the work that’s underway.

The comic page roughs here and the illustration roughs here are just part of a very exciting thing which will be available early in 2012.  Illustrator Sara Dunkerton came to us through Matt Gibbs, our main editor on the core book.  From the rough roughs, Sara has already moved on to the full pieces, and they are incredible.  It’s been a great honour to work with her, and we’re dying to unveil the finished product.  But we can’t.  Coz it’s not finished.  And it’s not 2012.

We’ll be announcing more vague and enticing details on this and another hugely exciting project over the coming weeks.  The other project has a connection to an oddly-coloured amphibian.  We shall say no more for now.  }:)


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