We Have A Winner!

Our first ever prize winner, no less!

At the UK Games Expo this past weekend, we had a prize draw running at the Cubicle 7 stand.  From the sixty or so entries we had on the day (wow!) one name was drawn and that was Beccy.  She received the news by email just as she left one of the demo games of DH:LoF run at the event by Steve Ironside.

Her copy, all signed and everything, will be posted off tomorrow.  We’re all looking forward to hearing what she thinks.

In the meantime, many, many thanks to all the staff at the Expo.  It was a hugely well-attended event, and very friendly and fun.  The staff were amazing, and all of us who were there had a fantastic time.  (And I didn’t swear – I think – during the seminar I ended up participating in, which is pretty good for me…)  If you weren’t at the Expo this year, make sure you don’t miss it next time.

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