Ooh! Announcements Inbound!

Looks like Thursdays are now Announcement Day.

Thanks to all the stuff we did with Sara Dunkerton over the past little while, Thursday is becomming our day for letting you know what we’re up to.  Tomorrow will continue this trend, with the GenCon money-off announcement on Facebook and the start of a new occasional series here on the main site.

We are working on other new material too.  You know about the April supplement, Resistance, and we’ll be teasing more content soon.  There’s another BIG THING which we can’t tell you about yet because it’s not all entirely sorted.  The team is being brought together, some work has already been done, but this GenCon thing is going to get in the way a bit.  Expect to hear something more concrete in September.

We haven’t forgotten about the Design A Character Competition – expect the winners to be announced very soon.  There will also be another competition starting in August that will cause your socks to blow clean off.

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