Australian shout out.

I stumbled across Here Be Gamers!, a podcast (and website) based in Australia.

They said nice things about Dark Harvest on their podcast “On The Radar” based only on this site and the info they found elsewhere.  Hopefully I can speak to them and sort out something more substantial.  Anyway, I got all caught up browsing their site and a few related sites (particularly Nathan’s site Peril Planet, which deserves a longer look) so I’d suggest you go have a look if your interested in the indy scene in general and the indy scene in Australia in particular.

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  1. Nathan Russell says:

    Hey! When I ran across Dark Harvest it just knocked my socks off! I had to share it. I failed to mention on the podcast that Stargazer’s World was a great source of info on the game. I will update my site with a link there.

    – Nathan

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