Star Wars Day!

Happy Star Wars Day!

The Dark Harvest project hit an important milestone today, with two 95% complete rough-and-ready copies of the book going out to two VIPs for their perusal.  I’m now pacing the floor like an expectant father, waiting for their feedback.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, Kim Roberts delivered her last art work for the project – two pieces to illustrate stories written by myself and Andrew Harman.  It’s always a massive buzz when you get great art to bring moments of you stories to life.  Good therapy for the first day of the working week!

I’m very happy to say that Corlen, the cover artist, is prepping a couple of little B&W pieces for the book, based on sketches from early in the cover design process.  Loving having more of Corlen’s work in Dark Harvest.

Robert Coles is working hard on the map.  We had long discussions about the Promethean border a week ago.  He and Andrew also had chats about the politics of maps – can you fully trust a map to be honest?  After all, we ‘hide’ military and other sensitive sites by not showing them on our maps in the UK.   The map prepared by the Promethean government won’t show its military bases, laboratories and suchlike.  Mention was made of a Resistance equivalent.  Watch this space folks – Robert might well be talking himself into extra work…  😉

All being equal, it looks like this month is still going to be the one featuring the big announcements of when the rest of the world gets to see Dark Harvest.  You’ll read it here first, and on my Twitter ravings (follow EmbraAgain if you Twitter), and if you live near enough to me to hear the “Woo-Hoo!”

Today’s pic: my desk – where lots of Star Wars has been happening.

Today’s pic: my desk – where lots of Star Wars has been happening.

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