Flying the Flag for Promethea

Time for a quick update on the progress toward publication of the Dark Harvest book.
Conpulsion 2010 was fun, if a tad surreal.  Had some fab natterings with folks there about Dark Harvest, and was delighted with the enthusiastic response the project received.  It was nice to catch up in person with Magz and Steve, and to meet many of the playtesters from Aberdeen.  Had some very interesting discussions that may yet bear fruit, but can say no more for the moment.
On the project development front, Scott Purdy handed in the final four pieces of B&W art for the book on Tuesday.  I passed them out to the team to have a look, and they agreed with me  fantastic stuff!  I’m particularly fond of the Promethean soldier (I want his belt buckle) and the elite woman, with her remarkable tattoo-style stitching.

Kim Roberts finished work on the Promethean flag on the 2nd of April, with some great feedback from Robert Coles worked into the final design.  I fear my brief was one of those horrible ones artists must dread; full of vague hints and idiotic statements like ‘I’ll know it when I see it.’  Still, Kim rose to the challenge, and the results are here for all to see.

Flag of Promethea

The flag commission came out of a sudden, horrified realisation that struck me when reading through the history bit before it went up on the site.  Promethea couldn’t not have a flag!  The very idea?

It always amazes me that the obvious isn’t always obvious, particularly when the project is so big and being created in ‘spare time’, whatever that is.
For now, Star Wars magazines call yet again, with more DH stuff to be done in the evenings.  I look forward to passing on more news in the near future.

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