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Visitors to the site may have noted a long silence and general lack of news for the past little while.  This is because things have been moving in the background.  Friendly chats have been had, deals done, contracts signed, and I am hugely delighted to be able to officially announce that Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein will be published in April 2011 by the very wonderful Cubicle 7 Entertainment!
I met co-owner of C7 Angus Abranson at Conpulsion in Edinburgh early in the year (see past news stuff).  An old friend, artist Andy Hepworth, introduced us, and we chatted about, amongst other things, DH:LoF.  Over the following months, the book was discussed in detail, and it was decided that it should have its own rules and mechanics, adapted from the system published in C7s amazing Victoriana books.  To this end, the incredible talents that are Andrew Peregrine and Walt Ciechanowski were brought aboard to create their own chapter in the book.

When completed, it will mean that DH:LoF will be a stand-alone RPG, but with the delicious possibility of additional details and gaming options available thanks to its compatibility with the Victoriana books.With the expansion of the book, additional art has been commissioned.  Some of it will soon be available to view on the website of artist Scott Purdy.  Well post news and links here.  As soon as its finalised, well even give you a look at the cover of the book.  It has an ISBN and everything!
In the meantime, heres the press release that officially announces the whole thing.
Cubicle 7 Entertainment have a website of their own, of course, which is:

Expect more news and updates as April grows closer.


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