Tales of Promethea Is Out Now!

Just in time for Christmas, the short fiction anthology ebook ‘Tales of Promethea’ is available for purchase!

Thirteen stories from ten authors equals a load of Promethean goodness, available for all types of ebook reader at an impulse-buy price. Head over to the Cubicle 7 Entertainment site for further details, and from there follow the link to DriveThru Fiction to download your copy.

There will be a bunch of interviews and excerpts appearing on the Cubicle 7 site over the coming days, and we’ll link to them (and eventually archive them) here on this site. Watch this space, as ever!

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Unbound In Aberdeen!

As many of you read over on our Facebook page, we had a meeting in Aberdeen over the weekend.

This was to discuss a supplement that draws material from the fiction written for the DH:LoF core book, the Resistance supplement, and the upcoming anthology Tales of Promethea. In attendance were Iain Lowson, Magz and Neil Wiseman, Steve Ironside, and a whole lot of tea. Many biscuits died to bring you the information that will appear in the supplement. And some Chinese food.

The supplement is tentatively called ‘Tales of Promethea – Unbound’. It’s still very much in the early stages, but the plan is to look at each story and from them draw a whole bunch of material that you can use in your games. We’ll stat-up NPCs of all the major characters, for example. Neil and Steve will come up with rules and gaming suggestions based on things in the stories for GMs to pick and choose to suit their campaigns. Magz and myself, with major input from Neil and Steve, will produce additional details of the new information the stories give on life inside Promethea at a variety of times in its history. Of course, there will also be scenario ideas and other such gaming goodness that will help GMs to spread the love to their players.

We’ll keep you informed of the progress of the supplement here and on the Facebook page, and of when you can pick up a copy of the anthology too.

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Here’s a shout-out for our American chums!
Fancy going to an excellent gaming con on your side of the pond? Of course you do! Fancy going to said con and playing DH:LoF? Of course you do! Your friend and ours, David Crowell, is running a DH:LoF game at this year’s Carnage Con.
Here’s the details David passed on: “Every year in November, Carnage hosts a weekend of tabletop gaming at the Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, VT. This year, the fifteenth such occasion, from the afternoon of Friday, November 2nd to the afternoon of Sunday the 4th, three days are dedicated to playing the best and newest in games, including board games, card games, miniatures, and role-playing games.”
The scenario is as follows: “R67 Roll Up! Roll Up! (GM: David Crowell Room: W) It’s 1910, and Victor Frankenstein got it right. From the ashes of the former Romania, he has created the brave new world of Promethea, a utopia where the bodies of the dead are harvested to provide health and long life for the living. Unfortunately, this silver cloud has a dark lining. On his way to building his dream, Frankenstein had to make a deal with the devil—several devils, actually. A ruthless and corrupt totalitarian state has grown up. The country is in a cold civil war between the Promethean Domestic Security Agency and the Resistance. Just now, a group of circus performers traveling through Brasov County has been captured by the infamous Brasov Hunting Club. With only their exceptional training and each other to rely on, can they escape to safety? Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein (2-5 Players) (Saturday 1p-5p)”
Those of us who can’t attend are all looking forward to reading a report of the game. 🙂
(Running a game at your local club or con? Let us know!)


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Cover Reveal for DH:LoF – Anthology

The wonderful Czech artist Jan Pospisil has blogged.

Specifically, he’s blogged about the process of creating the cover for the Anthology, due in October this year. It’s your first chance to see the finished result, without the logo, so you can appreciate the work involved. It’s a gorgeous bit of art, I’m sure you’ll agree. Go see!!

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All The Latest News

Last week, I was invited on to the Nearly Enough Dice podcast.

The result was a lot of fun, an excess of talking, and a nice digest of all the latest DH:LoF news in an easy to swallow podcast package. Go have a listen and feel free to comment, ask questions, or leave other feedback. 🙂

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No Stopping Steve!

Steve Ironside has just finished two new downloadable PDF documents to help you get the best out of your Dark Harvest games.

Head over to the Downloads section to grab a digest of the best rules Q&As from the forums, and the new Quickplay Guide specially for folks wanting to see how a stripped down version of the system works, or who need such a thing for a convention game.

Keep an eye on the Downloads page for the next map pack from Robert Coles, due sometime (reasonably) soon and based on his amazing work from Resistance.

We like to spoil you!


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Maps of Bucharest

Recent digging around the internet has turned up two maps of Bucharest that come from around 1900.

The first is of the city itself, the second of the city and the surrounding area. Both will be invaluable to any campaign that takes the Player Characters into Promethea’s capital city.

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Stargazer’s World turns its critical gaze on Resistance

Michael Wolf, who launched and runs the website Stargazer’s World, is one of the earliest press supporters of DH:LoF. He’s just posted his review of Resistance, and very well written it is too. Go read it. 🙂

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Latest Resistance review, and an Interview

Over on his blog The Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer, Jay has posted his review of Resistance.

A few days ago, he also conducted an email interview with me (Iain), and that’s up on the site too.

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Gaming blog The Life and Times Of a Philippine Gamer has begun a week-long study of DH:LoF.

Jay, the Philippine gamer of the blog title, has posted the first of a six part Let’s Study series that will fully dissect both the core book and Resistance. Fascinating stuff.

You can find it here, and there will be a new entry every day for a total of six days.

Additional: Jay finished his series with a quick review. Links to all six parts can be found in the Reviews menu as our 15th review.

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