Unbound In Aberdeen!

As many of you read over on our Facebook page, we had a meeting in Aberdeen over the weekend.

This was to discuss a supplement that draws material from the fiction written for the DH:LoF core book, the Resistance supplement, and the upcoming anthology Tales of Promethea. In attendance were Iain Lowson, Magz and Neil Wiseman, Steve Ironside, and a whole lot of tea. Many biscuits died to bring you the information that will appear in the supplement. And some Chinese food.

The supplement is tentatively called ‘Tales of Promethea – Unbound’. It’s still very much in the early stages, but the plan is to look at each story and from them draw a whole bunch of material that you can use in your games. We’ll stat-up NPCs of all the major characters, for example. Neil and Steve will come up with rules and gaming suggestions based on things in the stories for GMs to pick and choose to suit their campaigns. Magz and myself, with major input from Neil and Steve, will produce additional details of the new information the stories give on life inside Promethea at a variety of times in its history. Of course, there will also be scenario ideas and other such gaming goodness that will help GMs to spread the love to their players.

We’ll keep you informed of the progress of the supplement here and on the Facebook page, and of when you can pick up a copy of the anthology too.

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