Dark Harvest: The Legacy of Frankenstein – Anthology

Over the next weeks, across on the DH:LoF Facebook page, we’re going to be giving more details of the short fiction anthology ebook that’s slated for an October release.

Already announced is that Cubicle 7 Art Director Jon Hodgson will be creating the cover for the book. Writers and DH:LoF regulars Andrew Harman, Magz Wiseman and Matt Gibbs are going to be creating new stories for the anthology, and they are going to be joined by a whole bunch of amazing (and familiar) writers who are new to Promethea. We’ll be introducing you to them one at a time, starting today with…

…well, you’ll just have to head over to the Facebook page and see!

Additional (20th of June): Added a post to Facebook about another of the Anthology’s contributors today. Go see!

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