We Got A Griffie!

At the closing ceremony of Conpulsion 2012, DH:LoF was awarded the first ever Griffie for Best Roleplaying Product.

All of us involved with the book are seriously delighted and honoured to get the award, especially as those of us there had had an amazing time even before the Griffies were given out.

The event was covered by the team from Nearly Enough Dice. They interviewed a bunch of the DH team, and videoed the DH panel chat (complete with announcements of future releases) and a playtest of Frankenstein’s Bodies. When those videos go up on YouTube, we’ll link to them. In the meantime, here’s their summary of everything that went on at Conpulsion 2012.

Our thanks go out to the organisers of Conpulsion, Phil and Gregor, and to all the staff. It’s easily one of the best conventions in the UK and, at 25, one of the oldest. Hope to see you all there next year.



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