Awards Time

As many of you know, DH:LoF owes a great deal to one event – Conpulsion, a games con run in Edinburgh, Scotland.

This year’s event sees the first ever Griffie awards, and Dark Harvest is eligible. It would mean a lot to everyone involved with the game to even get a nomination. Conpulsion was where Iain met Angus Abranson, leading to the deal that saw Dark Harvest published by Cubicle 7. Over the years, Conpulsion was where Iain met pretty much all of the other people involved in creating the book.

To nominate DH:LoF for a Griffie, you need to email the organisers a description of the game (less than 100 words) to (obviously not that exact address – use an @), with “The Griffies – Roleplaying” in the title. The original notice on how to vote can be found here.

Just to make things easier for you, feel free to cut and paste the following description (including the publishing details), but be sure to give your own reason for voting for us:

Description: What if Frankenstein got it right? Welcome to Promethea; a country carved from the chaotic politics of the Balkans in the mid-19th Century by Victor Frankenstein. Imagined as a bright focus for the industrial and scientific revolutions that were changing the world for the better, the reality is a dark, brutally feudal regime where all but the elite must fear the Harvest. The game was published by Cubicle 7 in May 2011. Further information can be found at:

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