Inspiration – First look at DH:LoF-Resistance

Well now.  Once again, things have been a little quiet for a while, but no more!

Although we’d previously said that the first supplement for DH:LoF would be out in April 2012, it has been bumped back by a month.  Resistance will be out in May.  The reasons for the slight bump-back are terribly, terribly exciting, and we’ll be letting you into the secrets as soon as bits of paper have been circulated and signed.

In the meantime, by way of an apology, we’ve posted some text – some rough, 1st draft, unedited text – from DH:LoF – Resistance for you to have a wee look.  It’s just some of the entry on the Resistance fortress of Baba Vida.  We’ll do more little teasers closer to time.  You’ll find it in the Dark Texts section of the site or by clicking here.


If you want to find out more about the real Baba Vida, have a look here and here for some brilliant pictures and historical details.

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