Stargazer’s World reviews Dark Harvest

Michael Wolf runs a brilliant, insightful RPG and gaming blog site from Germany, ably assisted by a number of adept accomplices. 

We sent him a copy of DH:LoF some time back, and Michael has just posted his review.  What makes his site and his reviews so worthwhile are that Michael doesn’t rush things.  He takes his time to read through and/or play through things properly.  It’s the same with the other contributors to the site.  To be honest, that made me nervous when we initially sent him the book, but the review was worth the anxious wait.  My relief is palpable!

Thanks Michael!

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2 Responses to Stargazer’s World reviews Dark Harvest

  1. Stargazer says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Iain. Alas I haven’t had the opportunity to run Dark Harvest yet, but I definitely plan to do so. But it was a great pleasure to read the book and write the review. Hopefully I can help to spread the word a bit, because albeit it’s a very good game, most gamers seems to be totally unaware of its existence. And that’s a shame, really!

  2. iain says:

    Cheers, Michael. Both myself and the guys at Cubicle 7 are doing what we can to spread the word. Hopefully, sites like yours will help too. Many thanks again for the review – very kind words indeed.

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