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With the free downloadable map pack soon to be available on this site, I thought I’d take a moment to share a couple of links.

These were of use during the writing of the book, and may be of use to all of you when planning your games.

The 1900 Collection has old maps for many, many places around the world, including Romania.

Now then, if you Google (Image) “Josephinische Landaufnahme Romania” you will see a whole lot of, I think, Austro-Hungarian military maps of Romania from the mid to late 1700’s.  These are complete works of art and, while a little out of date for playing a game in the Edwardian era, can provide a lot of detail for campaigning in the country.  All you need do is get your own art head on and do some tweaking. 🙂

Of particular interest to me was this one of the area around Hunedoara – including the ill-fated village (at least it was in the story “Witness”) of Hasdat.

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