Design a Character Competition!

To celebrate the launch of the website, we’re running a competition.

All we want you to do is design a character using the rules in the core book.  We want stats and background, even sample quotes, but NOT a picture.  There would be no point to that.

See, the two best characters, chosen by a bunch of us who put the whole DH: LoF book together, will receive a drawing of their character from a top artist (the name of whom we will reveal shortly once various bits and pieces are sorted out).  The two winners will receive a signed sketch through the post, and the character and sketch will be posted on the site.  Three other winners will have their characters posted on the site too just so they can show how terribly clever they are.

Don’t feel limited to designing a playable character.  You can go for hero, villain, Augment,
whatever (though no critters – that’s a whole other competition).

Put together the character and send the details to the competition e-mail address:

(One entry per person.  Anyone directly involved in the production of the book and the website is not eligible to enter.  That would not be fair.  Also, please no DH versions of licensed characters – I’m not going to try to explain to Marvel what Spider-Man is doing in early-20th Century Romania.  You guys can be more… subtle than that.)

The competition closing date is Monday the 4th of July.  Winners will be announced as soon as possible after that.

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